Pfister® Faucets and Fixtures

Buccaneer Made Better with Clayton Built Brand Partner: Pfister®

At Buccaneer, we take pride in the quality of our homes. When Pfister® came on as a Clayton Built brand partner, we knew that their quality faucets would be a great addition and would add even more value to the home and to the homeowner’s daily lives.

Why we’re excited to use Pfister® faucets

Partnership with another leading brandPfister is known for it’s durability and style and has been a leader in the plumbing products industry since 1910! They stand behind their promise of quality products with a limited lifetime warranty called Pforever Warranty.

Style that lastsPfister faucets are made of metal, ensuring a utility that is used every day is there for you when you need it. While function and longevity are important, Pfister doesn’t stop there. There offer style selections that are perfect fit to any Buccaneer home.

Features that eliminate service pain pointsCommon plumbing product service problems include sink stoppers that don’t stop and wobbly shower handles. With Push & Seal™ and SecurePfit™ technologies, these issues are much less likely to be encountered by a Buccaneer homeowner.